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Dream Quilting


In the last week, I’ve had like 4 nights in a row of dreaming about the Chic Country quilt.  The dream ends up being about the same every time; I debate for what seems like forever about fabric choices and always end up with a black and white quilt with a pink pop of color. The Pink is the Kona Color of the Year 2017, Pink Flamingo.  This happened every dream, over and over again.  So I think my brain is telling me something.  Conveniently, I got a charm pack of Kona Color of the Year from last month’s Sew Sampler from Fat Quarter Shop.  Not so convenient, you can’t use a charm pack to make this quilt. I tried, but the side pieces that I need in pink will not be cut from a 5″x5″ square.


Note:  the camera is not color corrected, and the Pink Flamingo doesn’t actually look like that charm square.

I was thinking maybe all is not lost and I could just order more Kona Pink Flamingo.  However, I’m really trying not to buy more fabric and to focus on using up my stash. (please ignore the fabric package that arrived today, I’m not perfect!)  I got some Hoffman fabric on clearance from my local quilt shop over the New Years sale that is a bright lime green. I think that color will be great for the color pop and the backing/binding. My problem is solved, and I just so happen to have enough yardage to cover it all! This green is like a bright lime green, similar to the color I wanted my bridesmaid dresses to be.  I was smart enough not to do that seeing as my friends and sister would probably have quit on me. Either way, they will see what they missed out on once the quilt is done.

I sat down on Sunday and started cutting out the fabric on this quilt.  I finished all of the black and almost all of the white before I quit cutting because I wanted to sew.  Chain piecing this quilt is amazingly fast, and I think if I have another day or two to just work on this quilt, I could be done!

Because of this little detour, I did not get as much stuff on my list done as I wanted to.  Here are blocks for the 52 Weeks of Quilter’s planner Challenge I needed to get done.




I had to finish this week’s early because I am heading out on vacation this weekend and won’t have my sewing machine on me.  I’ll probably go through withdrawal.

I caught up on the 4 Modern Building Blocks I needed to get finished, but I haven’t done the 4 for this week.  I will need to catch up at some point next week to finish more blocks!  And I know, with 20 out of the 48 complete I really need to work on a tutorial page for the blocks.  Maybe that is something I’ll work on this week as I won’t have my sewing machine!


Block 9: Press the seams away from the square when you make the corner blocks, then press seams to the brown when assembling the block.
Block 11: Press seams away from the middle.
Block 34: The center part, press seams to the darker pink.  The outer frame, press seams to the lighter pink.
Block 47: Press the HST seams to the green.  Press the block seams to the square pieces.

One of the things I was able to finish while at the cabin this past weekend with friends was the Garden Charm Quilt aka Craftsy 2016 BOM.  The quilt is so pretty, and I have started to love the journey it shows how my quilting skills improved throughout 2016.  The center of the quilt was not nearly as well pieced as the outside, but that’s okay.  I’ve also updated the Completed Quilts 2017 page, so everything is posted that I’ve finished so far.  Because of the finishing push at the end of last year, I feel like there is going to be a big lull before I finish the next quilt.



2/7-2/14 Weekly Goal:
Available time for quilting:
Monday PM (so little time this week!)

Projects I want to work on:
Modern Building Blocks

Goals for the Projects:
Modern Building Blocks: Complete 4 Blocks

^more realistic,  but not a lot this week. Progress is progress though, right?

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