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Busy Busy Busy (Friday Foto Fun #2)

I can’t believe it’s already Friday!  I didn’t have much time at all this week to sit down at my machine and sew.  Have you ever gotten to the point when you are so busy, you end up not doing anything at all because you are in a type of analysis paralysis? I’m at that point and may be even further down that path!  However,...

Buying Fabric and Sewing are Two Different Hobbies 10

Buying Fabric and Sewing are Two Different Hobbies

That was a quote photo on GoGoKim’s Instagram earlier this week, and it could not speak the truth anymore clear.  I finally got a new cutting table that is the proper height rather than my plastic table set up.  I got a kitchen island from IKEA like the ones I had seen at the retreat center. Because the cutting table doesn’t fit in my current...

Friday Finishing Update! 6

Friday Finishing Update!

Happy Friday everyone!!! Surprise! There’s now going to be posts on Friday for my weekly updates!  I decided I will keep my Tuesday post for feature posts, and Friday will be my time to give an update on what I’m working on or what I’ve finished that week! Since I didn’t have an update this past Tuesday, this post covers about a week and half...