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Friday Foto Fun

Okay so the name of the post is definitely a work in progress…  I am starting a weekly Linky party to share progress photos from the week and use it as motivation to keep moving forward in each of our respective projects!  So everyone is virtually sewing together and sharing progress on Fridays.  This will start next week, I hope you join in on the...



Finally Friday!  For a short week (Labor Day holiday), it definitely felt like a really long one!  I didn’t have much time this week to work on projects since I was traveling for work.  I didn’t even get much hand sewing in, shocking! So today, I’m going to share a little bit about how I test my designs without EQ7.  I do own EQ7 and...


A Partial Seam Tutorial

  What is a Y-seam? A Y-seam is when there are 3 fabrics that come together and form a shape of a “Y.”  Typically you’ll see these with diamonds, hexagons, and other shapes that are not square!  In addition, there is a special Y seam that is created with the block below.  Notice the corner of the center square meets with two other fabrics at...