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Quilting has taken over 3 rooms. Yes, THREE.

So this quilting thing has expanded to 3 of the 4 bedrooms upstairs.  The only other bedroom is the master bedroom where we sleep. Therefore, I think I have to thank my husband for allowing me to temporarily take an additional 2 rooms outside of my sewing room.  I used the floor of one of the rooms to lay out the Moroccan Getaway quilt.  With all the B blocks completed now, I have all blocks done!  It’s time to lay out the quilt and figure out the layout of colors.


The only issue I am having with this quilt is piecing it together; some of the blocks are wonky.  I started working on this quilt 6 months ago when I was a newbie quilter.  I just really want to finish this quilt and ignore the fact that some of my seams don’t line up. If you can’t see it driving by the quilt, it doesn’t really matter!  I wanted to get this quilt quilted with an orange peel design, but I think I might be too embarrassed to send it out to someone.  I may straight-line quilt it and call it a day.  I was listening to the Modern Sewciety podcast last week and Stephanie had mentioned the same thing.  Sending a quilt out to have someone else quilt it, I would want to seams to be perfect!  It feels like someone else would be judging your work while they are quilting regardless if that’s actually true.

The other spare bedroom floor now has my pattern #101 layout on it.  When I wrote the blog post last week, I had a pattern already picked out to make.  From then till now, I’ve changed my mind no less than 10 times.  I finally settled on this one particular pattern I really love.  I started making the blocks with the pieces I’ve made, and I realized I accidentally made Y-seams for this quilt.  First of all, this is a big whoops.  I have never sewn Y-seams before, and I have read that they are pretty tricky!  I figured out how I like to sew Y-seams, but I’ll be researching how other people do it before I decide how to write the instructions for the pattern.  I can write the pattern without Y-seams, but I wonder if I will be ruining the look.  I will need to remake the blocks without the Y-seams to really understand how that will work with print fabrics.  Proofreaders and pattern testers will be needed soon!  I’m on track to hopefully have something by the end of the month, how exciting!  (PS if you are interested, send me a note from the contact me page!)

The Technicolor Galaxy BOM quilt is going well.  This quilt really needed a fabric pull to plan the color layout of the stars before sewing any of the colors together.  I really love rainbow color quilts!  This quilt is a quilt-as-you-go type of quilt so each of the star blocks will get quilted now and then assembled at the end.  I am absolutely terrified to FMQ as I’ve mentioned before, but I think I am going to try using my Frixion pen to draw my lines prior to quilting (Frixion pen – erasable pens by friction or an iron aka my favorite marking tool).  Tracing lines is infinitely easier than freehand drawing/quilting!



Overall completion: 2 out of 11 sections (still need to quilt each section)

For the Cozy Christmas blocks, I was able to finish the Gingerbread Man block and the Cocoa block.  After next week’s release, I should have the first 3 rows completed!  However due to traveling next week, I will be making Block 9 and Block 10 together the following week.  I can’t believe how quickly this sew along has come together!  On the Cocoa block, I made an edit to cut down the “marshmallows” that are peeking out of the cup since we didn’t need the full length of the piece.



Overall completion: 8 out of 12 blocks

The new sewing table to lower my machine hasn’t arrived yet so no update on if I like the new setup yet.  My current table is a plastic table that is definitely bowing from the weight! My new table cannot get here quickly enough.

10/4-10/11 Weekly Goal:
Available time for quilting:
Every night this week and Saturday.
Road: Monday night

Projects I want to work on:
Moroccan Getaway
Modern Heritage BOM
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Goals for the Projects:
Moroccan Getaway:  Finish sewing the quilt top
Modern Heritage BOM: complete September blocks
Pattern #101: Finish sewing the block and create quilt top

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  1. Wow! I love them all, especially the technicolor one. How big will it be after finishing?

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