weekly update

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

It’s Turkey Day week!  I can’t believe the holidays are among us! I figured I should probably do some Christmas quilting in addition to the Cozy Christmas quilt.  I’ve wanted to make a Cathedral Window Christmas Stocking for months now so that is my Thanksgiving holiday.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


Anyway the Blog Hop last week was super fun! If you didn’t get a chance to check out the other awesome designers you can check out the list here.   I did forget to update my completed quilts page with the Spinning Vectors quilts, but it’s up there now!  Check it out here.  I finished binding my Moroccan Getaway quilt last night too, but there wasn’t enough light out to take a good photo.  That makes the total number of quilts finished this year (minis included) to 12 so far!

As promised I wanted to give a recap on Sewing Expo in Minneapolis that I attended a week and half ago.  It’s a 3 day show with hands on classes and lectures, a vendor show, and quilt displays.  I was able to take 2 classes prior to leaving to China.  One of the classes I took was “Garden Pond” by Cristy Fincher of Purple Daisies Quilting.  It was a technique called Piec-lique!  It’s a great technique for sewing curves and they come out perfect!  You use freezer paper as a template to make the curved part and glue baste the pieces together before sewing.  The curves come out nearly perfect every time and makes it look so easy.


The second class I took was “North to Alaska” by Kathy Lincoln.  It was a pattern that she designed for a sewing cruise to Alaska (hence the name).  It was a great class to learn about quick techniques about sewing quarter triangles and partial seams.  I used fabric that was left over from my sister’s Spinning Vectors quilt.  The partial seams technique can also be used on Spinning Vectors as well.  So I will be working on the tutorial for Y-seams and partial seams to help other quilters out.


One of the best things about the quilt show was the MQG quilts that traveled to the show.  They were so amazing and helped give me inspiration.  I can’t wait to make something so wonderful that I could submit to a show.  Goal in my quilting life:  submit a quilt into a show and win! (or just be good enough to be accepted into the show)

My schedule for the next pattern will be the following:

  • Samples created by the end of December.
  • Pattern out to proofreaders right after the first of the year.
  • Pattern out to testers in mid-January.
  • Pattern out by beginning of February.

I realized that if I didn’t get myself a timeline, I wouldn’t get the motivation to keep moving forward.

I also finished my Month 4 Blocks of the Modern Heritage BOM.  They were nice and easy 4 patch blocks.  I realized that sometimes it’s just wonderful to work on some easy blocks.  They are so cute!


That’s all I got this week!  Have a happy Thanksgiving!

11/22-11/29 Weekly Goal:
Available time for quilting:
Friday, Sunday, and Monday Night

Projects I want to work on:
Powered by Quilting Patterns
Christmas Stocking

Goals for the Projects:
Powered by Quilting Patterns:  Complete math and fabric layout for Pattern #102
Christmas Stocking: Finish Cathedral Window Stocking

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