Is it Spring yet?

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  1. adaisygarden says:

    Love all your quilt pics! I’m also trying to get in some sewing/quilting these days after Christmas and before New Year’s. 🙂

  2. ‘Is it Spring yet?’ I’ll be watching for hints every SINGLE day until it really is too. I’m glad to know your tip about wash away stabilizer for foundation paper piecing! Lastly – I love that you made coasters as gifts. I was so completely askew this season, I made NOTHING for anyone. Maybe if I start now for next year…

    • The coasters were super fun. I got addicted to making them. Cute single blocks. However the pot holders I think we’ll be easier to make, take the orphan blocks from past quilts and use them up!

      As for the wash away stabilizer, it’s really nice but make sure you use ink jet printing!

      I got asked for quilts this year… Way too late after the fact so I’m going to start early for next year!

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