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  1. Cecilia says:

    Your blocks are the large black and white and the small pink star and blue star.

  2. Lori M. aka Sewnext says:

    Hello…I really liked the black, white, grey star….the pinks and blues in the smaller ones are very pretty… I love stars..

  3. sandraandwally says:

    your stars are the medium black and white one, and the top two small ones! love your cherry blossoms!! 🙂

  4. Jessica Rice says:

    It looks like blocks 8, 9, and 10 if you start inbox the upper left and go down each column to number the stars.

  5. Monica R says:

    I think you made the black&white in 2nd column and the first two in the third column

  6. Nicole Sender says:

    Beautiful blocks! I think yours are the medium black, gray & white star (#5), small blue star (#9) & the small pink star (#10)! (counting down each column starting with the large stars)

  7. Nicole Sender says:

    Follow you on instagram: minibea123!

  8. Sherry, your block is beautiful. What is the name and manufacturer of the pink and white striped fabric on the right?
    One of the things that’s really great about these hops is that I meet other quilters through their blogs or IG, and want to follow them, because I love their creativity and work. Even though we were both at Sew Pro, I don’t think we met. Glad we did now.

    • The flower fabric is Posy Garden by Carina Gardner and the background is Paperie by Amy Sinibaldi. Thank you so much for visiting during the blog hop 🙂 Definitely keep in touch!

  9. I am thrilled we have all stayed connected and have blossomed!! I enjoyed learning about your mug rug . . . The way I spill things I’d need a mug mat, 36 x 36!! No food or drink in the studio for me! Well, water and often times on weekends I drink my coffee while sewing!

  10. carmenross88 says:

    Wow, beautiful work! I love your blocks.

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