This Can of Spray Baste Changed My Life

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  1. Kris P says:

    Welcome to the world of spray basting. I’ve been doing it for 6 years. After spending the afternoon on the floor pin basting my first few quilts, I decided I was either going to quit quilting, or find some other means of basting. I find a few basting pins are helpful along the outer edges so you don’t need to do quite so much overspray.

  2. I love spray basting for my small projects. However, when I recently tried it on a larger project, I used a poly batting that I had never used before. The spray didn’t seem to take, and the top and backing shifted and never laid completely free of wrinkles. This was before I even began quilting, so I just separated everything and finished it another way. It had to be the batting; I’ve never had problems with the other batting I normally use.

    • poweredbyquilting says:

      Wendy – oh no!!! I haven’t tried using poly yet, but that’s definitely good to know!

  3. Liz W. says:

    Great to see that you love quilting now! It’s interesting that the basting was what you hated. I tried spray basting once, and it wasn’t for me, but I’m glad it worked out for you! Your finishes are gorgeous!

    (I have 2 cans of 505 spray baste that I have no use for. I’d give them to you, but I don’t know how to ship it with the aerosol stuff.)

    • poweredbyquilting says:

      Liz – I will GLADLY take the 505 off your hands, but I am in the same boat about not sure how to ship aerosol items… maybe we’ll need to meet in real life one of these days 🙂

  4. thedarlingdogwood says:

    I do love spray basting! Layering/basting is still my least favorite part, but I do NOT have the patience for pinning.

  1. September 6, 2017

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