Sew Pro: A Year Later

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  1. I love the advantage of buying a PDF and having an instant download when I’m looking for something in particular but I always print them so I have a paper pattern to study and follow (so either way works for me). That being said, I have bought many more paper patterns than pdf’s because I like to browse them at my LQS and that’s where I purchase most of mine.

    My most recent tutorial search was on paper piecing so I would love to see a tutorial on that. I’m getting ready to start a paper pieced Christmas tree skirt and I haven’t done paper piecing in about 8 years so I need a refresher course lol!

    How does a QAL work? Is it like a block of the month (or week)? I would definitely be interested!

  2. thedarlingdogwood says:

    I do like the convenience of PDF patterns, but I admit that if something is available in print version, I’ll buy that one. Layering/basting is the part of quilting I hate the most, so I guess tutorials or different techniques would be interesting tutorials to me. I personally pick quilt alongs based on how much I like the finished quilt and how busy I am when it starts–is it a moment when adding another project feels overwhelming. You are never going to get the right moment for everyone, so go with what works for you. I will say that if a design is seasonal, I like the quilt along to end with *plenty* of time to finish the quilt before that season arrives so that I have a hope of having a finished product during the right time, otherwise it feels like I have to wait a year to use it and my motivation goes out the window. For example, I am loving the wish you a merry quilt-along, but not releasing the last bock until 20 days before Christmas is cutting it too close for me. It’s unlikely I would be able to assemble the blocks into a finished top and quilt and bind to have on display for Christmas. I would want to have completed the entire thing by December 5th, so it can decorate for the season. So that’s my 2 cents on QAL planning.

    • poweredbyquilting says:

      Thanks so much for your feedback! That is really valuable for me 🙂 It’s always nice to have other’s point of view for a gut check! Hope you are having a great weekend!

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