Marathon Quilter, that’s me! (Friday Foto Fun #14)

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  1. Well, Sherry, I am so proud of you for running the marathon. In my humble opinion, you earned it no matter how you finished. I’m so sorry to hear that you are sick on top of having a sore body. Hope you get past that quickly. I’m enjoying watching your progress as you go after your quilting goals! Thank goodness quilting doesn’t give us blisters on our feet, huh? Rest up, get better. I’m looking forward to seeing what you are currently working on!

    • poweredbyquilting says:

      I’m starting to feel better, finally! Surprisingly my legs felt pretty good by Wednesday, definitely shocked! I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk for a week! I also laughed out loud about quilting doesn’t give us blisters on our feet! <3

  2. Great job persisting to the end and getting that amazing medal! Wonderful that you and your sis went through it all together.

    • poweredbyquilting says:

      Thanks Nancy! It’s definitely a bonding experience <3 Now if I could just get her to sew more :P

  3. thedarlingdogwood says:

    Congratulations!!!! Finishing a marathon is hard work, especially injured. I am not a runner and never have been, but I’ve walked one full marathon and several half marathons. (Did the full marathon first and was in horrible pain when I finished, decided never the full 26.2 again!) And you are right, that is a seriously awesome medal!

    • poweredbyquilting says:

      Thank you and WOW! That’s amazing you walk the full and half marathons! How do you keep your Achilles from hurting after? I feel like after lots of walking my Achilles is just so sore!

  4. Congratulations!

  5. Kathleen McCormick says:

    What an accomplishment! I am sorry you contracted the bug right after – not the ideal way to recuperate from a run. I wish I was a runner, but I am a walker and love that. Glad you got your bling!

    • poweredbyquilting says:

      Thank you!!! I’m starting to feel better finally! I was never a runner until a few years ago and I did the couch to 5K program and then I found the bling! So I’ve been running since then, but injuries the last two years have been putting a damper on continuing to run. So we’ll see what the future holds.

  6. Liz W. says:

    Bravo on running your marathon! That is so amazing. What is the time limit may I ask?

    • poweredbyquilting says:

      Thanks Liz!!! The race started at 5:30am the last person crossed the start line at 6:33am, and then the last finishers crossed the finish line around 1:40pm. If you were not keeping up with the 16 minute/mile pace with those that started last, you were swepted (taken off) the course early to allow Disney to open roads back up etc.

  7. Marti says:

    I don’t know you and I am proud of you for finishing the marathon. I’ve never run one but have watched several of my friends run. Sorry you got sick, but you did get a cool medal.

    • poweredbyquilting says:

      Thank you so much!!! <3 I feel better now so it's all good. "Pain is temporary, glory is forever" is a sign that I see a lot of the times at races. Definitely true!

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