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How Do You Display Wall Hanging Quilts?!

I got some Quilter’s Perfect Stick Klips from a Sew Sampler box a few months ago, and I finally decided to try them out.  As it turned out, I loved being able to clip wall hanging quilts and change them up.  The Quilter’s Perfect Stick Klips are a large klip with a sticky strip.  They are pretty heavy duty, and the Sew Sampler said they...


Starch Baby, Starch

I do not usually starch my fabrics. I just never really started and didn’t work with a lot of bias pieces…therefore I didn’t really ever find the need to.  However this week while I was testing out my new pattern, I was getting frustrated with myself that I didn’t get my fabric starched.  Therefore this week’s tip:  Starch! First, I should explain what starch does...