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Broken Lattice Pattern Release Day!

Today’s the day!  Pattern #102 (called Broken Lattice) is now released as a FREE PDF Pattern on Craftsy!

I’m really excited about this pattern because it showcases the fabric and colors really well.  This quilt is a beginner and precut friendly pattern with either 2 Jelly Rolls or 1 Honey bun for the 2 sizes.  The full size quilt finishes at 72″ square and the small quilt is 36″ square.

When I was designing this quilt, I was a burnt out on complicated blocks.  I wanted something that I could create quickly and easily that also had a cool design factor.  The meaning behind the Broken Lattice is the fact that the quilt is not a complete lattice.  It’s only on every few columns that the lattice shine through.  The fact that the rows and columns are consistent across and down help the continuity of the pattern.


The smaller sample is made from Sundrops by Corey Yoder.  I divided the main row of strips not by color but by contrast so the lattice structure is not quite as pronounced compared to the larger sample made from Spectrum by V&Co. The bright colors in Spectrum are showcased well, and the awesome quilting job is by Rhonda Walker from Olie&Evie.


The two sample quilts were Finish #1 and #2 for 2017!  Finish #3 goes to my Steampunk quilt!  This looks amazing with the Spirals Big and Small quilted edge to edge by Rhonda!


I’m still in progress of starting my new Completed Quilts Page for 2017.  Hopefully it will be up by next week!

I head off to Winter Quiltfest tomorrow, and I need to get to work on cutting more fabric for enders and leaders.  The Modern Heritage BOM Block 6s are finally finished just in time for my Month 7 package arrived.  I’m doing the BOM with a fabulous group of ladies with Pam from Serendipity Woods leading us.  I look forward every month not to the fabric for the blocks, but the personal letter she writes each month.  It’s super awesome, so thanks Pam!


So because I’ll be at the retreat until Sunday I realized that I had to play catch up on all the blocks for this week so I made double the normal list!  For the Quilter’s Planner block, I ended up using my wild card because I just wasn’t feeling the block with the yoyo.  I did however finish this week’s block early!  There are a few corrections to the tutorial cutting instructions for the white fabric. Replace 2.5″ square with 2.5″ x 1.5″ rectangles and replace 2.25″ square with 2″ x 1.5″ rectangles. You don’t need any of the squares and with the 2.25″ dimension your strips for columns 2 and 4 will be too long.


I finished the Maine and New Mexico Blocks for America’s Garden Quilt.  I seriously LOVE this quilt.  I’m not typically a fan of lots of florals, but the significance of the state flowers is really neat.

For the Modern Building Blocks, I completed a total of 8 blocks this week.  I’m working on the tutorial page for each of the blocks as well as arrows for pressing directions.  I’ll include that once I get that up and going!


Block 17: Alternate the seams on flying geese, and when you sew the strips together.
Block 39: This block is the same as Block 5, just smaller!  The only seams that need to nest are the solid blocks on the corners with the center blocks.
Block 42:
 Churn block! The 9 block grid seams will be pressed in alternate directions to be nested
Block 20: 
For the flying geese there isn’t an direction you need, but 9 block grid will need to be pressed in alternate directions to be nested


Block 26: Ohio Star block! 9 grid pressing instructions
Block 35: Press towards the dark and to the middle strips.
Block 36:
 9 grid pressing instructions
Block 17: 
Press towards the dark when the dark orange and cream are sewn together.  Press towards the triangles on the edges.

It’s been a busy week, and I didn’t get a ton of time to work on the January Mighty Lucky challenge.  I will be trying to work on it this week while I’m in a new place!  Time to get inspired to design.

1/24-1/31 Weekly Goal:
Available time for quilting:
Winter Quiltfest Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Projects I want to work on:
Winter Quiltfest!
Mighty Lucky

Goals for the Projects:
Enjoy Winter Quiltfest
Mighty Lucky – January Challenge

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