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Why I say No.

Saying no and my reasoning behind it is something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while…people I know all think everyone is getting a quilt for a present.  There are many articles that have been written on how to say no as a crafter since we all feel that nagging guilt when someone you know and love asks you to make them something whether it’s knitting, crocheting, quilting, needle work, etc. So here’s to the world on why I say “No.”

I say “No” to everyone, don’t be offended by it.  I won’t outright say it but I internally scream it.  The people that have been and will be gifted quilts are the people that don’t initially ask for one.  Let’s start with the people that have already gotten a quilt from me.  My Grandma, she got my very first gifted quilt.  Not because she wanted one, but because I wanted to make her one.  I actually had to tell her that I made her the quilt for her to actually use not just to look pretty on the bed or chair.  Knowing her, she’d consider it special and then never actually use it.  The next person that got a quilt was my sister.  I love my sister, but she really knows how to weasel her way to the top of my gift giving list, call it a talent.  But to be fair, I’m getting my sister into quilting so I consider it sharing the hobby!  Plus, she sends me photos of my nephews snuggling with the quilt.  (It makes me want to make them one too!)

I’m sharing this because quilting making and giving is very personal for me.  There are hundreds of hours poured into making a quilt, not to mention the money on materials.  I want to spend my free time on my rules for creativity and making something I want.  Back 6 years ago or so, I used to have an Etsy store that I sold some paper craft work and cards.  I enjoyed making them until I was selling them.  That conversion to becoming a “job” destroyed my love for the work.  Call it fear that it will happen again, but quilt making will never become a job.  There is just too much time and love sunk into the quilts to make it a viable “job.”

Ultimately, if you want a quilt that I’ve made, the best way to get one is picking from an older quilt that I’ve made that I would be willing to part with.  I’m not sure how socially acceptable it is to gift “used” quilts, or quilts that were not made with an intended person in mind.  I have a very short list of people that I want to give a quilt to.  Everyone on that list is either very important to me or someone that I know understands the value and the effort that goes into making a quilt.  However, I still struggle on how much input I’m allowing those people to influence their gift. If I’m asked to make something I don’t particularly like, the odds are slim for actually finishing it.  (sorry!)

So this is why I say no.  I don’t have that much spare time to make everyone something, and most people don’t understand how personal quilt making is for me.  Eventually the situation might change where I am drowning in quilts and would be more willing to give them away, but that falls under the gifting “used” quilts.


The most exciting new I have from this past week: I got a logo!!!


Next week, I’ll share my next pattern that’ll contain the new logo!  I can’t wait to share the process of how I came up with the design too.  The large sample is completed as finished quilt #2 of 2017, and the pattern is almost ready to share!  I was also very productive this week finishing everything on my list!  The four Modern Building Blocks I completed are below.


Block 4: The Quadrants are not the same, there are 2 of each.  I made the mistake of making all the same and having to rip out and redo two of them.
Block 13: The seams can be pressed in any direction, none of the seams are nested.
Block 15: Press the seams towards the darker orange triangle, or away from the lighter orange on blocks that do not contain the darker orange. All the seams for the HSTs will then nest.
Block 21: Use the Marti Michell’s Corner Trimmer tool, the triangles will be easier to spot on the side of the square.

Eventually I will mark up the Blocks to show all the pressing directions for the seams.  It’s on my to do list to help others out.

This past week’s Quilter’s Planner block was so cute.  I used some spare Jelly Roll strips for the color. 2 out of 51 complete!  (one week will be a WILD CARD aka skip)



I completed Pennsylvania’s block for America’s Garden Quilt.  Their state flower is the Mountain Laurel.  This quilt is going to be educational for all the different state flowers. 3 out of 50 complete!


I’m not yet done with the Modern Heritage Blocks, but I was able to complete half just by using them as Enders and Leaders.  I think of it as bonus sewing!


Next Wednesday, I will be leaving to go to Winter Quiltfest in Logan, UT.  I can’t wait to go and learn from some awesome instructors!  Recap of the trip will be the following week, yay!

1/17-1/24 Weekly Goal:
Available time for quilting:
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday PM; Saturday and Sunday

Projects I want to work on:
Powered by Quilting Patterns
Modern Heritage BOM
America’s Garden Quilt
Modern Building Blocks
Quilter’s Planner Block
Steampunk Quilt
Mighty Lucky

Goals for the Projects:
Powered by Quilting – Finish PBQ102 and release next week!
Modern Heritage BOM – Month 6 Blocks as enders and leaders
America’s Garden Quilt – Make 1 Block
Modern Building Blocks – Make ANY 4 Blocks
Quilter’s Planner Block – Make this week’s quilter’s planner block
^ looks almost standard each week!
Steampunk Quilt – Finish Binding the quilt!
Mighty Lucky – January Challenge

Bonus: Start either the Elephant Abstractions quilt or work on the Technicolor Galaxy BOM.

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