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Secret Sewing has started again!

First of all, it’s the last week of the 2017 New Quilt Blogger’s Blog Hop.  Make sure to check out all 3 hosts to see who are getting introduced this week as well as enter for some really cool prizes from the sponsors.

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts
Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl
Leanne @ shecanquilt

I for one am still working on replying to everyone via email that have commented on my blog posts!  So if you haven’t gotten one yet, just know it’s coming, and I definitely appreciate your kind words!


I am very pleased to say that I’ve gotten over my quilting block on working on my next pattern. (YAY!) However, it’s a secret so I’m not going to be sharing any photos until the design is finished and the pattern is ready for release. This may be a while since this is probably the most challenging quilt I’ve created so far.  Go big or go home, right?!


I was able to get some stitching done on these Tiny Box Zippy bags designed by Michael Ann Made.  I had previously made 3, one tester with ultra stiff interfacing, one with shape flex, and one for my Maker’s Birthday Bash Partner.  Well, when my sister saw one in Hawaii, she wanted one, too!  Remember how I wrote a post “Why I say No“?  Well apparently that does NOT apply to my sister.  I feel guilty and just make her stuff because she likes it (no wonder I’m her favorite!).  I also ended up making 2 more (they’re actually SO fun to make for some reason) for a total of 6.

I am using the teal one made from Joel Dewberry’s Atrium fabric for work.  We are now “mobile” so we move from desk to desk each day so my headset, mouse, and cords all fit nicely in this little tiny box zippy!



I made this week’s Quilter’s Planner Block, Floating Hourglass By Kelly Quilla of Quilting it Out, and I made it way harder than it should have been.  I stitched the block using the web-piecing technique which would have been great had I laid the block out correctly.  I didn’t realize it was wrong until I went to take a photo of the block.


The hourglass portion was very wrong.  Then I thought, “oh I can just rotate the middle two rows, no problem.”  Well if you do that, then the outside pieces of the two middle rows are wrong. It was one of those days, but I finally got the block completely fixed so ta-da!



5/9-5/16 Weekly Goal:
Available time for quilting:
Wednesday PM, Thursday PM, Monday PM (busy weekend!)

Projects I want to work on:
Quilter’s Planner Block

Goals for the Projects:
Quilters Planner Block: Complete this week’s Block
PBQ103: Finish 3 blocks.

I should be getting my Chic Country Quilt back from the longarm, so I will hopefully get the binding finished, but it depends on when I get it back.

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4 thoughts on “Secret Sewing has started again!

  1. Those Zippy Bags are ADORABLE. So the flex foam works best? I imagine it would.

    Cracking up over your hourglass tribulations because, sadly, those moments are all too frequent over here! It looked great in every configuration, though. 😄


    1. I actually didn’t use the foam yet… That is something I still need to try. I’ve been using Shape Flex (Pellon SF101) for the bags. Seriously, though I’m addicted. I’m trying to find different ways to use them now.

      And I’m glad everyone is having a great laugh about the hourglass block because seriously I was going to quit on Saturday. But since it was the last day to post the block I had to finish >_<


  2. Like your little list at the end of the blog. I might copy if you don’t mind – may be a good way to focus. I hate when I twist and turn things the wrong way. Funny how that happened with the webbing technique!


    1. Funny story… after I posted this, I realized I never started sewing the Basket Case quilt top together like I said I was going to last week. Whoops! So I immediately sat down after work to get started on finishing that! I’m not 100% done, but definitely closer! So it definitely keeps me accountable.


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