Tru Inspiration! (Friday Foto Fun #9)

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  1. Liz W. says:

    First of all, that wallpaper is amazing! It’d make a perfect quilt, and isn’t it virtually the same pattern as your fox and friends quilt? Also … FF6 is one of my favorite games of all time! I can’t wait to see the full Kefka. In order to do these pixel quilts, do you need to keep a huge array of solids on hand?

    • poweredbyquilting says:

      It’s very similar to fox and friends, it’s all about color placement. If I were to actually make it, I’d probably try to see if I could eliminate some seams!

      I did a Kona solids club this year, so I have a FQ of almost every color minus the ones that came out this year. The nice thing is that these quilts don’t take a ton of fabric except for like the white and black. I then can order more of what I run low on. Pixel quilts are definitely fun!

  2. I love your pineapple Sherry, hand sewing is very meditative especially when traveling for work! All your projects are so cool, is Kefka a surprise for your husband?

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