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One more week!

One more week until my first pattern is going to be launched! Yay! So excited.  I was really happy to see the test blocks from my pattern testers.  A few minor changes and everything will be ready!  Also, next week is the Sew Pro All Stars Blog Hop.  Everyone that is participating is going to be posting about something that inspired them during Sew Pro and a sewing project.  I can’t wait to read and see what everyone has been working on.  There is even going to be a Blog Hop Giveaway so that’s super neat!

Because I didn’t get much sewing time this last week, I am going to talk about a few other things that are going on in my quilting world lately.  First of all, I need to convince my sister to attend Winter Quiltfest with me.  She ended up sewing some pants for her 5 year old’s Halloween costume and is slowly becoming interested… or maybe even hooked on sewing? 😛  But if she doesn’t attend it with me, if anyone else is looking at going and needs a roommate let me know!  A-la-carte registration for Winter Quiltfest is now open too!  My plan is to bring stuff home for Thanksgiving so we can work on some small projects together.  (Jie, I have no shame in trying to convince you and now the internet knows.  You’re welcome.)

Quilt Market Houston was last week (or so) and seeing everyone’s photos and blog posts about it made me REALLY want to go.  So maybe after I get this pattern business going, I’ll be attending market.  Serendipity Woods posted about Quilt Market in her latest blog posts and has so many awesome photos with Sophie, her most adorable sewn bunny.  I want to make a Sophie, she’s so cute!  You can check out her blog post here!

Sewing Expo aka the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo is in Minneapolis this week!  I can only take 2 classes on Thursday because I leave the country for work on Friday.  Super bummed I will miss Friday and Saturday, but I’m capitalizing on the time I DO have!  I remember last year when I attended I was extremely overwhelmed!  I had no idea what a longarm was and didn’t understand why someone would need one.  Now I can’t wait to go look at them and play with one.  The obvious second step would be to convince the husband that I need a second room in the house in addition to my current sewing room for the longarm machine.  So much has changed in the last year and I can’t wait to go and learn more!

Anyway, this past week I was able to finish the last block in the Cozy Christmas quilt!  Rudolph is so cute, and he rounds out all of the blocks!  The quilt top was also finished and now on its way to Olie & Evie to get custom quilted!  I can’t wait to see it finished!

11/8-11/15 Weekly Goal:
Available time for quilting:
Thursday – sewing expo, and that’s it! 😥

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