#365DaysOfArtPBQChallenge Week 3, Exercises 15-21

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  1. I need to get a post written on what I’ve done. I’m a little behind. Camo fish — he’s actually a smart fish, because he’s hiding. 🙂 You’ve done well on your exercises. I’m still bogged down with the first fish exercise. Yikes. Need to get crackin’!

    • poweredbyquilting says:

      It’s tricky to know when some of these exercises are done. I think it’s a personal preference honestly. My husband was like “Why didn’t you color in the pear?” my response went something to the effect of “it didn’t say to” and “I didn’t feel like it.” haha. I’m using the book to really just make sure I do something creative each day 🙂

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